CBCB - Intellectual Fight Club III

09 October 2015 - Platoon Kunsthalle, Berlin

On the 9th of October for the 3rd time we open the gates and present ordinary people giving their all in the most demanding competition existing on our planet: a chessboxing fight!

Once again 3 fights are scheduled.
The fights are hard, the chess games are wild and the venue will be on fire!

You can register for a fight throughout the event . Anybody who has been seriously training for 6 months, gets a chance to prove him or herself. Training takes place at the first and oldest chess boxing club in the world.

Fighter White Fighter Black Result Result Description Round
2) Nicolas Mildenstein vs Egor Vlasov W-L Mildenstein wins via chess - checkmate ?
1) Lars 'Lazarus' Bjorknas vs Dimitry 'The Kid' Pechurin L-W Pechurin wins via chess - checkmate 3