World Chessboxing Championships 2014 - Intellectual Fight Night

21 November 2014 - Columbiahalle, Berlin

It is the ultimate showdown of the year:
The smartest and toughest men on the planet will fight for the world championship title in chessboxing.

The Intellectual Fight Night 2014 will see local hero Sven Rooch fighting for title defense in a rematch against Jonathan Rodriguez-Vega from Leon, Spain. Beyond the main fight, there will be staged two world championship qualifiers.

The Event will take place at Columbiahalle in Berlin Kreuzberg. Today known as prestigious event location, staging concerts, art performances and comedy shows, the Columbiahalle was originally built as US Air Force sports hall, staging athletic competitions of US Soldiers. On November 21st this year sport is coming home to Columbiahalle and the former sports venue is vaulted into the future staging a 21st century-born sport: Chessboxing!

Fighter White Fighter Black Result Result Description Round
3) Jonathan Rodrguez Vega vs Sven Rooch L-W Rooch wins via UNKNOWN ?
2) Gianluca 'Il Dottore' Sirci vs Marat Shakhmanov W-L Sirci wins by UNKNOWN ?
1) Giuseppe 'Mezzaluna' Grasso vs Karl 'Ouch' Strugnell L-W Strugnell wins via chess - checkmate 5