MCBF - Moscow ChessBoxing Championship 2015

06 December 2015 - Moscow ChessBoxing club

December 6, 2015 Moscow hosted the first championship Chessboxing. In total there were five fights, to determine the winner in three different weight classes. The tournament was attended by three candidates for master of sports in boxing, having digits and two chess candidate master in chess. Note: Nikita Evstafiev representing SEAD, holds the title of the CCM in both sports.

Fighter White Fighter Black Result Result Description Round
3) Dimitry 'The Kid' Pechurin vs Stanislav Yudaev W-L Pechurin wins via chess - checkmate 5
2) Nikita 'Razor' Evstafiev vs C Carinov W-L Evstafiev wins via chess - checkmate 7
1) Marat Shakhmanov vs Egor Vlasov W-L Shakhmanov wins via chess - checkmate 3