LCB - International Chessboxing 2013 Seasons Climax

14 December 2013 - Scala, London

After having one of the most exciting years in chessboxing so far, 2013 was concluded with a worthy season climax chessboxing spectacle. The crowd was as keen as ever to see some of their favourite fighters enter the ring and take on the chessboxing challenge.

Fighter White Fighter Black Result Result Description Round
3) Karl 'Ouch' Strugnell vs James 'Chelsea Chainsaw' Pope W-L Strugnell wins via chess - checkmate 7
2) Tim 'CSI' Benfeldt vs Richard 'The Razor' Frazer W-L Benfeldt wins via chess - checkmate 5
1) George 'Huggy Bear' Crespo vs Nick 'Showstopper' Cornish L-W Cornish wins via chess - timeout ?