CBCB - Intellectual Fight Club V

23 April 2016 - Platoon Kunsthalle, Berlin

A fresh new chessboxing season is about to start!
Join us for yet another unique and exciting night as we open the gates and present ordinary people giving their all in the most demanding competition on our planet: a chessboxing fight!
As always, three fights are scheduled. The fights are hard, the chess games are wild and, as always, the venue will be on fire! Feel free to stick around for some drinks after the fights, the bar will be open late!

Fighter White Fighter Black Result Result Description Round
3) Dimitry 'The Kid' Pechurin vs Kourosh Toloeie W-L Pechurin wins via chess - timeout 9
2) Daniil Solovyov vs Luis Niedermeier W-L Solovyov wins via boxing - TKO 2
1) Igor Orlov vs Thomas Cazeneuve L-W Cazeneuve wins via chess - timeout 5