Matt 'Crazy Arms' Read  

15 - 10 - 0

Height200 cm
Weight77 kg
Reach203 cm
HometownWelwyn Garden City, England
GymIslington Boxing Gym
JobProfessional Landlord
He is the world’s most prolific chessboxer, having fought an increadible 31 times. He has the craziest arms in the world of sport with a wing span of 2 meters. Often known as Lazy Arms by the crowd due to his distinctly pedestrian punch output. His specialty is a lethally quick playing style as he hopes to avoid any unnecessary boxing rounds due to a poor training discipline. Chessboxing's answer to Mr Tickle, boasting the longest and craziest arms in the sport. Matt is an editor at Chess Magazine.


Opponent Event Date Result Description Round
Pete 'The Heat' KeetleyCBN - Oktoberfist 2307 October 2023LKeetley wins via chess - checkmate5
Dan HallCBN - Chessboxing Mayhem28 May 2022LHall wins via chess - checkmate5
Shayan 'Shah' Zarein DolabLCB - 36 Clash of Kings 202026 July 2020WRead wins via chess - checkmate5
Shayan 'Shah' Zarein DolabLCB - Seasons Beatings 201907 December 2019WRead wins via chess - checkmate7
Brian 'No Slack' MakLCB - Oktoberfist 201905 October 2019WRead wins via chess - timeout5
Tim 'Hippo' WoolgarLCB - St Patricks Day Bash 201916 March 2019WRead wins via chess - checkmate5
Max 'Jock Talk' GershfieldLCB - Seasons Beatings 201808 December 2018WRead wins via chess - checkmate?
Vincent 'The Frenchman' ForestLCB - Summer Special 2018 Thunder Dome23 June 2018LForest wins via boxing - decision8
Richard 'The Razor' FrazerLCB - Norwich Yellobric Fundraiser 201721 October 2017LFrazer wins via chess - checkmate5
Tero 'El Toro' WeckrothLCB - Season's Beatings 201617 December 2016WRead wins via chess - checkmate7
Liam 'Yogi' MacphersonLCB - Summer Special 201618 June 2016WRead wins via boxing - TKO?
Chris 'The General' LevyLCB - Season Opener 201602 April 2016LLevy wins via chess - timeout11
Liam 'Yogi' MacphersonLCB - York Hall Chessboxing Spectacular 201528 November 2015WRead wins via boxing - TKO6
Tim 'Hippo' WoolgarLCB - International Chessboxing 2014 Seasons Climax13 December 2014WRead wins via chess - checkmate5
Isidro GeteOracle Cancer Trust Chessboxing Gala 201422 May 2014LGete wins via chess - submission9
Gavin 'Grievous Bodily Farmer' PatersonYellobric Chessboxing Fundraiser 201416 May 2014WRead wins via chess - checkmate7
Gavin 'Grievous Bodily Farmer' PatersonLCB - Season Opener 201412 April 2014WRead wins via chess - timeout7
Mike 'The Bedfordshire Bull' BotteleyThe Lost Lectures23 November 2013LBotteley wins via chess - checkmate7
Nick 'Showstopper' CornishLCB - Kings Of The Ring 201308 June 2013LCornish wins via boxing - TKO?
Chris 'The General' LevyLCB - Grand Prix Season Opener 2013 Brain vs Pain23 March 2013WRead wins via boxing - decision10
Isidro GeteLCB - Beyond The Super-Dome 201016 October 2010LGete wins via chess - checkmate?
Anatol 'Chico' PrzytulskiLCB - Super-Dome II 201015 May 2010LPrzytulski wins via boxing - TKO4
Sebastian BauersfeldWCBO-GBCBO - London Chessboxing04 December 2009WRead wins via chess - checkmate?
Tim 'Hippo' WoolgarGame of Kings 200909 October 2009WRead wins via chess - timeout7
Tim 'Hippo' WoolgarSt George's Day Chessboxing Tournament 200923 April 2009WRead wins via chess - disqualification3