Gerard 'Ripper' Reilly  

2 - 0 - 0

Height178 cm
Weight68 kg
Reach180 cm
GymLondon boxing
A Geography teacher - his atritional boxing style matches his favourite type of coastal erosion. This pugilistic pedagogue believes in fate and moved form Dublin to England on a coin toss. Grew up in Dublin. Learned to play chess to get out of a geography lessons in secondary school, ironically he is Geography teacher now! Strangest thing to happen to me was I had a moth removed from my ear and had to wait 4 days until a specialist ear doctor could remove it. Moved to England on a coin flip to decide between a job in England or Spain! England won despite best out of 5. Hobbies include, chess, tae kwon do, Guinness,


Opponent Event Date Result Description Round
Brian 'No Slack' MakLCB - 36 Clash of Kings 202026 July 2020WReilly wins via boxing - TKO2
Jon 'The Brick' WoodLCB - St Patricks Day Bash 202014 March 2020WReilly wins via chess - checkmate3