Nikita 'Razor' Evstafiev  

4 - 1 - 0

Height173 cm
Weight70 kg
HometownKostroma, Russia
Nikita Evstafiev lives in Kostroma, Russia. He is the perfect example of a chessboxer, as he is a candidate master of sports in boxing as well as chess. In 2018, he won the amateur world championship and already became the Moscow Champion twice. Nikita works as a chess coach and has a University degree in economics. His hobbies include reading and traveling the world. His favorite boxer is former professional world champion Dmitry Pirog and his favorite chess player is Aleksander Alekhine.


Opponent Event Date Result Description Round
Kirill ZaichenkoFSB - Russian Chessboxing Championship 202421 March 2024WEvstafiev wins by UNKNOWN?
Sakari 'Horse Attack' LahderinneLCB - Seasons Beatings 201907 December 2019WEvstafiev wins via chess - submission5
Oleg PetrovskisThe International ChessBoxing Cup28 March 2018LPetrovskis wins via chess - timeout11
Dmitry ErmakovichMCBF - Moscow ChessBoxing Championship 201726 November 2017WEvstafiev wins via chess - checkmate5
C CarinovMCBF - Moscow ChessBoxing Championship 201506 December 2015WEvstafiev wins via chess - checkmate7