Max 'Jock Talk' Gershfield  

2 - 2 - 0

Height187 cm
Weight83 kg
GymMejiro Gym, Amsterdam
JobCreative (Marketing)
Rumours are that he hates nerds so much, that he taught himself chess in order to get in the boxing ring with them.
He comes from a rich, privileged family, he's wearing monogrammed shorts and a Jock Strap that just says Talk.
The only student to be voted Prom King for five consecutive years due to being held back at graduation.
In his spare time he loves giving wedgies, wet willies, and whipping people with towels.
Living in Amsterdam, training at the Mejiro Gym


Opponent Event Date Result Description Round
Dan 'The Taxman' ManfoldLCB - Oktoberfist 201905 October 2019WGershfield wins via chess - checkmate5
Matt 'Crazy Arms' ReadLCB - Seasons Beatings 201808 December 2018LRead wins via chess - checkmate?
Toby 'Slowby' WhiteLCB - Norwich Yellobric Fundraiser 201721 October 2017LWhite wins via chess - checkmate7
Cameron 'The Hurt Locker' LittleLCB - Season's Beatings 201617 December 2016WGershfield wins via chess - checkmate3