Dymer 'Beast of Peace' Agasaryan  

10 - 1 - 0

Height173 cm
Weight68 kg
HometownKaunas, Lithuania
I started playing chess when I was 6 year old, but after 2 years I quit and at 13 years old I started boxing. Then I heard about chessboxing in my last year of school, one of my classmates told me and I went back home, searched chessboxing online and applied via the form. When I got my Lithuanian citizenship I came to London to visit my best friend and together we went to a chessboxing session at the Islington gym. After the session Tim, the boxing coach and I went in outside and after a couple minutes talking one of them said: "we have a new world champion" and it happened 6 months later....
I am the only one in Chessboxing who became a world Champion in three different weight classes (Lightweight, Welterweight, Middleweight) and I did it simultaneously.


Opponent Event Date Result Description Round
Rytis PutrimasLSBF - Second Lithuanian Chessboxing Championship06 April 2024WAgasaryan wins via chess - checkmate3
Aleksandr NikitinLSBF - First Lithuanian Open Chess Boxing Championship21 August 2021WAgasaryan wins via chess - checkmate5
Anatolijus StachinskasLSBF - Dymer cup11 October 2020WAgasaryan wins via chess - checkmate9
Vytautas BinkusLSBF - Introducing Chessboxing to Lithuania09 October 2019WAgasaryan wins via chess - checkmate7
David 'Stone Man' JarmakLCB - Pity The Fool 2016 Brexit Belt01 April 2017WAgasaryan wins via chess - checkmate3
Kalidas BagatoLCB - York Hall Chessboxing Spectacular 201528 November 2015WAgasaryan wins via boxing - TKO4
Terry 'The Fighting Fireman' MarshLCB - GrandMaster BASH 201513 June 2015LMarsh wins via boxing - decision12
Kalidas BagatoLCB - International Chessboxing 2014 Crazy Horses11 October 2014WAgasaryan wins via chess - checkmate3
Darius 'Iron Man' GelezinisYellobric Chessboxing Fundraiser 201416 May 2014WAgasaryan wins via chess - checkmate3
Greg EvaBrain vs Pain Tour - Exeter04 August 2013WAgasaryan wins via chess - checkmate7
Jose Sanchez AmenLCB - Battle Royale 201210 October 2012WAgasaryan wins via boxing - decision4