Daniil Solovyov  

6 - 1 - 0

Height190 cm
Weight77 kg
HometownKasimov, Russia
JobPersonal driver
This young and talented chessboxer, from Russia, was immediately recognised when he debuted in Berlin. He is strong in chess and throws hard punches with his long reach in the ring. Thus it was not a surprise when he earned his Amateur World Championship title in 2017. Daniil is very athletic as besides being a successful chessboxer, he is also a triathlonist.


Opponent Event Date Result Description Round
Alexander VassuNordic Chessboxing Fight Night02 October 2021WSolovyov wins via chess - checkmate7
Oleg PetrovskisIgnition Amsterdam08 January 2020LPetrovskis wins via chess - timeout5
Maarten 'Machine' KamerlingWorld Chessboxing Championships 201915 December 2019WSolovyov wins via chess - checkmate2
Arnold RogalewskiThe International ChessBoxing Cup28 March 2018???? UNKNOWN ????
Lukas 'The Frog' KosowskiIntellectual Fight Club X16 March 2018WSolovyov wins via boxing - submission6
Mazen GirkeIntellectual Fight Club IX15 December 2017WSolovyov wins via chess - checkmate5
Matti SchaffranIntellectual Fight Club VIII02 June 2017WSolovyov wins via chess - checkmate11
Benjamin HofmannIntellectual Fight Club VI26 November 2016???? UNKNOWN ????
Luis NiedermeierIntellectual Fight Club V23 April 2016WSolovyov wins via boxing - TKO2