Zoran 'The Priest' Mijatovic 
Frank 'Anti Terror' Stoldt 

The Cologne Fights 2006 - 21 April 2006
Gloria Theatre, Cologne

The main fight of the evening between "Anti Terror" Frank Stoldt and Zoran "The Priest" Mijatovic was won by the police officer from Berlin: Frank Stoldt.

The fight was pretty much balanced, both in the ring and on the board, up to the 5th round of chess. Mijatovic overlooked an intervening check, through which he lost his rook. He tried to knock out Stoldt in the next boxing round. But Stoldt was experienced and strong enough to hold against "The Priest’s" attacks. Mijatovic resigned in the 7th round just before he would have been checkmated. This fight marked a new era in chessboxing; never before had two such experienced chessplayers and boxers stood toe to toe in the ring! "Anti Terror" Frank has now qualified himself for the world title fight next year.
Zoran 'The Priest' Mijatovic Name Frank 'Anti Terror' Stoldt
0-0-0 W-L-D 1-0-0
28(?) Age 35(?)
? Height ?
? Weight 86 kg
? Reach ?
? ELO 2000
Croatia Country Germany
Hometown Berlin, Germany
Job Police Officer

Stoldt wins via chess - submission (Round 7)