Aman 'Chessbrah' Hambleton 
Lawrence Trent 

Photo credit: Chandler Toffa/

Mogul Chessboxing Championship - 11 December 2022
Galen Center, Los Angeles

Aman 'Chessbrah' Hambleton Name Lawrence Trent
0-0-0 W-L-D 0-0-0
29 Age 36
183 cm Height 180 cm
83 kg Weight 84 kg
188 cm Reach 183 cm
2509 ELO 2402
Canada Country England
Toronto, Canada Hometown London, England

Hambleton wins via boxing - TKO (Round 2)

[Event "Mogul Chessboxing Championship"] [Site "Galen Center, Los Angeles, United States"] [Date "2022.12.11"] [Round "4"] [White "Aman 'Chessbrah' Hambleton"] [Black "Lawrence Trent"] [Result "*"] 1. d4 Nf6 2. Bf4 c5 {Ah... it is so refreshing to see an early challenge to the London System. Trent clearly came prepared.} 3. e3 Nd5 $5 {[%c_effect d5;square;d5;type;Interesting;persistent;true] A fascinating try that yields positive results for Black at the master level.} 4. Bxb8 Rxb8 5. c3 e6 6. Nd2 {A novelty.} (6. Nf3 {had been played with a 50\% win rate and 50\% draw rate (favoring Black).}) 6... cxd4 7. exd4 b5 8. Ngf3 Be7 9. a4 b4 10. c4 Nf6 {After 10 moves Black has \"won\" the opening given his bishop pair and the ease of development.} 11. Bd3 O-O 12. O-O a5 13. Re1 d6 14. Qe2 Bb7 15. Rac1 Ba8 $2 {[%c_effect a8;square;a8;type;Mistake;persistent;true] A costly inaccuracy from Trent. One of the key ways to combat the bishop pair is to lock and fix the pawn structure. Hambleton knows this and begins to close the position.} 16. b3 $2 {[%c_effect b3;square;b3;type;Mistake;persistent;true] Although not optimal, the move adheres to White's objectives.} (16. d5 exd5 $2 {[%c_effect d5;square;d5;type;Mistake;persistent;true] Not possible due to} 17. Qxe7 {which wins a piece.}) 16... Re8 17. Ne4 h6 18. Nxf6+ Bxf6 19. Rcd1 Qb6 $2 {[%c_effect b6;square;b6;type;Mistake;persistent;true]} (19... Rc8 {Putting the rook on a more valuable file.}) 20. Be4 $1 {[%c_effect e4;square;e4;type;GreatFind;persistent;true] Black must give up the bishop pair or block the trade.} 20... d5 $2 {[%c_effect d5;square;d5;type;Mistake;persistent;true]} 21. c5 $1 {[%c_effect c5;square;c5;type;GreatFind;persistent;true] Black's light-squared bishop is almost fossilized after this move. Black can re-open the position with e5 at some point if they are lucky.} 21... Qc7 22. Bd3 Bc6 23. g3 g6 {At the end of the first round Hambleton maintained a +1 lead. Unfortunately, the game would not continue due to a supreme boxing effort from the Canadian.} 1-0