Sakari 'Horse Attack' Lahderinne 
Denis Gurba 

Photo credit: Vice

Ignition Amsterdam - 08 January 2020
Paradiso, Amsterdam

The evening’s second match is between Denis Gurba (Russia) and Sakari Lähderinne (Finland). The Russian player is out for revenge, after the Finn won their most recent battle.

Chess pieces fly off the board, punches are thrown even faster. Then, toward the end of round three, Gurba has his opponent all but cornered on the chessboard. Just before he can seal the deal, the bell rings, signalling them to step back into the boxing ring.

After a well-placed hit to the jaw, Gurba slumps. He gets a standing eight count, and the roles suddenly seem reversed. But despite wobbling, Gurba somehow stays upright. He makes it to the end of the round and back onto his stool, where he checkmates Lähderinne.
Sakari 'Horse Attack' Lahderinne Name Denis Gurba
0-2-0 W-L-D 0-0-0
30 Age ?
177 cm Height ?
85 kg Weight ?
? Reach ?
1600 ELO ?
Finland Country Russia
Iisalmi Finland Hometown
Finnish chessboxing club Gym
Special education teacher Job

Gurba wins via chess - checkmate (Round 5)