Igoris Krugliakovas 
Arturas Kazlauskas 

LSBF - Dymer cup - 11 October 2020
Strikers gym, Lithuania

The second fight kept the pace of the first. Igor Krugliakovas (48 years old) and Artūras Kazlauskas (53 years old) entered the ring. On the day of the tournament, the sum of the ages of both fighters is 102 years 9 months and 29 days of life experience. This is the world chess boxing competition record.

Although Igor had a clear advantage over his opponent on the chessboard (Arthur had only discovered this wonderful game a month ago), in the boxing ring he had to do well in the defense by resisting well-prepared boxing attacks.

Spectators saw a series of strong and impressive blows, good defense, fighting tactics, from which many a much younger fighter could learn. Having held his own against his opponent, Igor achieved victory in the 9th round after Artur's thinking time expired.
Igoris Krugliakovas Name Arturas Kazlauskas
0-0-0 W-L-D 0-0-0
48(?) Age 52(?)
? Height ?
80 kg Weight 80 kg
? Reach ?
? ELO ?
Lithuania Country Lithuania

Krugliakovas wins via chess - checkmate (Round 9)