Jens Beyer 
Luigi Sbailo 

Photo credit: Boaz Arad for Showrunner Magazine, Markus Theisen

CBCB - Intellectual Fight Club VII - 07 April 2017
Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin

After a break, the second fight between Jens Beyer from Cologne and the Italian Luigi Sbailo followed. Both chess boxers showed that their qualities were more in the ring. They gave each other nothing, neither with their fists nor with the figures. It was a very varied fight, in which the chess referee had to intervene towards the end of the game after an illegal move. The position was reset to the point in time before the infraction and then played on. However, the game could no longer be followed by most of the viewers because the transmission technology went on strike.

Only those who stood very close to the ring could see the trains. The chess commentator Paul Atkinson from SC Empor Berlin then tried to verbally convey what was happening on the board to the audience. After his position on the board had deteriorated more and more, Beyer sought the decision in the ring, but Sbailo survived the fourth boxing round despite a knockdown. After that, after getting another queen, he was checkmated in the fifth round of chess.
Jens Beyer Name Luigi Sbailo
0-0-0 W-L-D 0-0-0
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Germany Country Italy

Sbailo wins via chess - checkmate (Round 9)