EVE Fanfest 2011: Brain Vs. Pain Chessboxing Match

25 March 2011 - Laugardalshöll Convention Center

Two world-class competitors will battle it out in a boxing match in Iceland on Friday, with throngs of screaming fans cheering them on. In one corner will be Bjorn Jónsson, 42 years old but wily in his ways and with a devastating reach advantage over his opponent. Daniel Thordarson is a young, hard-nosed fighter and former Icelandic middleweight champion.

Thordarson and Jónsson are 3-D digital artists at CCP Games, a major videogame outfit in Iceland.

Fighter White Fighter Black Result Result Description Round
1) Daniel 'Pretty Boy' Thordarson vs Bjorn 'Left Rook' Jonsson L-W Jonsson wins via chess - timeout 5