LACBC - Bringing Back Broadway Event 2016

30 January 2016 - Broadway Theater District, Los Angeles

Chessboxing matches curated by Think Tank Gallery.

Every fighter in Saturday's night of chessfights is fighting for a charity! It is all part of the Los Angeles Chessboxing Club's part of Bringing Back Broadway in DTLA (thanks to City Councilman Jose Huizar for the support

Fighter White Fighter Black Result Result Description Round
4) Vito Gasparyan vs Toby John Grear W-L Gasparyan wins via boxing - TKO 4
3) Andrew 'The Fightin Philanthropist' McGregor vs Tony Lugo W-L McGregor wins via chess - checkmate 3
2) Chris 'Taco' Padilla vs Derion Chapman ?-? ??? UNKNOWN ??? ?