LCB - Season Opener 2015

14 March 2015 - Scala, London

– Terry Marsh back in the ring
– Sergio Leveque defends his WCBA Heavyweight title
– Steve ‘The Demon’ Philp and Richard ‘The Razor’ Frazer in a roller coaster battle
– New chessboxing talents emerge

Fighter White Fighter Black Result Result Description Round
4) Antonio Montana vs Terry 'The Fighting Fireman' Marsh L-W Marsh wins via chess - timeout ?
3) Sergio 'The Phoenix' Leveque vs Dimitry 'The Kid' Pechurin W-L Leveque wins via chess - checkmate 7
2) Steve 'Demon' Philp vs Richard 'The Razor' Frazer L-W Frazer wins via boxing - TKO 8
1) Henry 'Raffles' Blanchard vs Danny 'Loco Mosquito' Bent W-L Blanchard wins via chess - timeout 7