Felix 'Intense' Li  

2 - 0 - 0

Height172 cm
Weight72 kg
Reach175 cm
CountryHong Kong
- Born in Hong Kong, moved to the UK when I was 11 years old.
- Works as a Product Owner at a startup called MyMiniFactory which is an online ecosystem for 3D printing enthusiasts and 3D Modelers.
- Has 3 Degrees, an MA at the Royal College of Art, MSC at Imperial College (MA / MSC both in design) and BEng in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College.
- Plays Kabaddi for England, has had 2 international matches against Poland and Kenya. Was trying to gain weight and bulk for Kabaddi since there is only one weight class at 85kg. During the lockdown went from 65kg all the way to 83kg all the way back down to 70kg for this fight...
- Was seriously into chess and ranked within 10 ten in Hong Kong for my age group at 8 years old, but then moved to the UK at age 11 and didn't play/ study/ improved very much until chessboxing in May


Opponent Event Date Result Description Round
Francesco 'Braniac Bruiser' SilvestrinCBN - Seasons Beatings 202210 December 2022WLi wins via chess - checkmate5
Gearoid 'Sex Appeal' VealeCBN - Seasons Beatings 202111 December 2021WLi wins via boxing - TKO4