FISP - Luci i Stelle

24 April 2014 - Shocking Luxury Club, Milan

The first competitive chessboxing event in Italy will be held on April 24 in Milan . Titled Lights and Stars , it is not a "simple" first event, it will offer the (first) Italian Championship of scacchipugilato with two semi-finals of the middleweights , and the highlight of the evening, the final heavyweight .

Fighter White Fighter Black Result Result Description Round
3) Filippo 'Catanarinelli' Gubbini vs Mirko Trasciatti D-D Draw ?
2) Jacopo Di Lauro vs Giuseppe 'Mezzaluna' Grasso D-D Draw ?
1) Khalidas Talaini vs Filippo 'Catanarinelli' Gubbini D-D Draw ?