Anthony 'Toto' Bourached  

2 - 1 - 0

Height185 cm
Weight75 kg
GymIslington Boxing Gym
JobPhD Student
Sent back in time by a distopian war lord, Anthony likes to set his next target at ease by dancing to glam-soul. He often finds it hard to connect with humans but on the chessboard he is a machine and will sweep everything in his path. Born in a city riddled with crime and anger toward AI. Toto Bourached rose from the cogs of a dysfunctional machine to represent his bretherin. Realising that he could not restore the relationship between man and machine without understanding humans; Toto taught himself to understand, and interact with humans through the medium of dance.

Doing a PhD in Machine Learning and Neuroscience at UCL, Toto has been trained by the strongest chess AIs: Alpha Zero, Stockfish and Deep Blue. VIVA LA MACHINA!


Opponent Event Date Result Description Round
Tommi 'TNT' MantysaloCBN - Seasons Beatings 202210 December 2022WBourached wins via chess - checkmate5
Shayan 'Shah' Zarein DolabCBN - Seasons Beatings 202111 December 2021WBourached wins via chess - checkmate5
Otto 'Bismark' ViheraLCB - Seasons Beatings 201907 December 2019LVihera wins via boxing - KO2