CBP - Intellectual Fight Club - Chessboxing Night

01 October 2022 - Cabaret Sauvage, Paris

A night of boxing and chess, where the world's best in the discipline meet to do battle.

Fighter White Fighter Black Result Result Description Round
4) Karl 'Ouch' Strugnell vs Jules Alois Julien W-L Strugnell wins via chess - timeout 7
3) Xhemshid 'Jim' Vogliqi vs Tim Arby L-W Arby wins via chess - checkmate 7
2) Maarten 'Machine' Kamerling vs Kamel Boudjahlat L-W Boudjahlat wins via chess - checkmate 5
1) Vito 'Il Cigno' Borrelli vs Arthur Var W-L Borrelli wins via boxing - TKO 2