An Exhibition of CHESSBOXING

15 August 2008 - Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, London

Any chess players coming to spectate knew they were in for something different when they entered the door of Bethnal Green Working Men’s club to be warmly greeted by a colourfully robed transvestite cloakroom attendant. From then on, they went upstairs to a dark atmospheric hall with ring centre-stage and a cinema screen behind, which partially obscured the giant glittered heart at the back of the stage, an indicator of the other types of events popular at this hippest of London venues.

Fighter White Fighter Black Result Result Description Round
2) Stewart Telford vs Tim 'Hippo' Woolgar L-W Woolgar wins via chess - checkmate 9
1) Hubert 'The Wardrobe' Van Melick vs Sascha Wandkowsky L-W Wandkowsky wins via chess - checkmate 7