LCB - Norwich Yellobric Fundraiser 2017

21 October 2017 - OPEN, Norwich

It was never thought that the city of Norwich was ready for the ultimate biathalon. No-one believed that the good people of Norfolk would rise to the challenge of the ultimate test of brain and braun and yet…. so they have. See the bravest and brightest of the East take on fighters from London in the first showdown of it’s type ever.
We have a stellar line-up of fighters and entertainers including new faces from Norfolk and established stars of the chessboxing scene. With Norwich’s stunning venue Open providing the setting, chessboxing has never looked this good before!

Fighter White Fighter Black Result Result Description Round
4) Ethan 'Hammer' Holmwood vs Cameron 'The Hurt Locker' Little L-W Little wins via chess - checkmate 3
3) Leon 'Bomber' Harris vs Darrel 'Almighty' High W-L Harris wins via boxing - submission 6
2) Max 'Jock Talk' Gershfield vs Toby 'Slowby' White L-W White wins via chess - checkmate 7
1) Matt 'Crazy Arms' Read vs Richard 'The Razor' Frazer L-W Frazer wins via chess - checkmate 5