Toby 'Slowby' White  

4 - 4 - 0

Height187 cm
Weight87 kg
HometownPriddy, England
GymStevenage ABC
Still single.
The current holder of the Brexit Belt, he hit a UKIP MEP so hard that his whole party collapsed. Tonight he hopes to obtain a real, tangible belt.
Like his party of choice, the Liberal Democrats, he predicts he shall almost certainly come third in this contest of two, but he intends to look damn good doing so.
Once played rugby against Prince Harry.


Opponent Event Date Result Description Round
Karl 'Ouch' StrugnellLCB - Seasons Beatings 201907 December 2019LStrugnell wins via chess - checkmate3
Cameron 'The Hurt Locker' LittleLCB - Oktoberfist 201905 October 2019LLittle wins via boxing - decision8
Nick 'Showstopper' CornishLCB - St Patricks Day Bash 201916 March 2019WWhite wins via chess - checkmate3
Kai 'The Man from Helsinki' SalminenLCB - Seasons Beatings 201808 December 2018WWhite wins via chess - checkmate5
Max 'Jock Talk' GershfieldLCB - Norwich Yellobric Fundraiser 201721 October 2017WWhite wins via chess - checkmate7
Jonathan 'The Tactician' ArnottLCB - Pity The Fool 2016 Brexit Belt01 April 2017WWhite wins via boxing - TKO2
Karl 'Ouch' StrugnellYellobric Chessboxing Fundraiser 201416 May 2014LStrugnell wins via chess - timeout7
Tim 'Hippo' WoolgarLCB - Season Opener 201412 April 2014LWoolgar wins via chess - checkmate5