LCB - York Hall Chessboxing Spectacular 2015

28 November 2015 - York Hall, London

As London Chessboxing descended on Bethnal Green's York Hall on November 28th a palpable sense of excitement began to build at the iconic east-end boxing venue. This was a moment of truth for the chessboxers in hard training since June this year, an opportunity to test themselves for the first time in a major arena.

Fighter White Fighter Black Result Result Description Round
4) Dymer 'Beast of Peace' Agasaryan vs Kalidas Bagato W-L Agasaryan wins via boxing - TKO 4
3) Sean 'The Machine' Mooney vs Paul JD 'The Hitman' Roberts W-L Mooney wins via chess - timeout 11
2) Liam 'Yogi' Macpherson vs Matt 'Crazy Arms' Read L-W Read wins via boxing - TKO 6
1) Henry 'Raffles' Blanchard vs Rob 'The Danger Man' Fletcher W-L Blanchard wins via chess - checkmate 7