CBCB - Intellectual Fight Club VII

07 April 2017 - Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin

Mind meets clout. This is chess boxing. Sven Metzger, together with Helmut Kuhn and Rob Savelberg, commented live on the seventh edition of the Intellectual Fight Club in the Festsaal Kreuzberg.

Three fights - six tough and smart amateurs in the ring! The boxing rounds get tough, the game of chess wild

Fighter White Fighter Black Result Result Description Round
3) Qasim Qasim vs Matti Schaffran W-L Qasim wins via chess - checkmate 9
2) Jens Beyer vs Luigi Sbailo L-W Sbailo wins via chess - checkmate 9
1) Stephan Kring vs Michal Adamski L-W Adamski wins via boxing - TKO 6