CBCB - Intellectual Fight Club IX

15 December 2017 - Glashaus, Berlin

The Intellectual Fight Club went into the ninth round on December 15th and this time too there were exciting fights. In four duels, in which the fighters acted with strength and endurance in the boxing ring and served the chessboard with high concentration and speed, every Chess Boxing fan got their money's worth. Konrad Oeckel and his co-commentators Helmut Kuhn and Rob Savelberg commented live throughout the evening from the first move to the last blow.

Fighter White Fighter Black Result Result Description Round
4) Daniil Solovyov vs Mazen Girke W-L Solovyov wins via chess - checkmate 5
3) Timur Iyubinskii vs Thomas Cazeneuve L-W Cazeneuve wins via chess - timeout ?
2) Ilya Goykfhis vs Matt Doucett W-L Goykfhis wins via chess - checkmate 3
1) Mohammed Khadija vs Daniel Biman L-W Biman wins via chess - checkmate 7